Watch Day Three Of The Year's Biggest DOTA 2 Tournament Right Here

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Which team will Newbee have to beat in tomorrow's grand finals? Watch and see, as the multi-million dollar DOTA 2 International tournament continues!


"But Fahey, you're speaking as if team Newbee has already won the tournament, and there's nothing Cloud9, Team DK, ViCi, LGD or Evil Geniuses can do about it!" Yeah, a little. That doesn't mean there's no dramatic tension to be had. We've still not answered the question of whether I am eerily prescient or talking out of my ass, so that's where today's dramatic tension shall arise.

It's got to come from somewhere. After all, there are only six teams left in the tournament, and even sixth place gets more than $500,000 in prize money. Nothing makes me feel like doing my best than knowing that no matter what I do, I still get a portion of half a million. Were I playing, I'd just sit there reading Wikipedia for 40 minutes. Team Taking A Nap, reporting for duty.


You can check out the schedule here.

Here's the 'in the know' stream:

And for those of you new to the game, here's the learning stream:

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Yesterday I tried watching the newb stream, because I needed it. Couldn't last more than 10 min.

Among great, helpful, sorely needed morsels of genuine information, there were many, many quips which insulted my intelligence, insulted their intelligence and were plainly boring and most probably made by bunch of teenagers in heat. Switched then to main channel and never looked back. So ok, I don't understand everything, don't know the spells or moves, but the passion and emotions are genuine and expertly presented.

Ed. Today it seems more reasonable..