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Which Street Fighter IV Figurines Do You Want?

Illustration for article titled Which Street Fighter IV Figurines Do You Want?

Capcom USA is in a bit of a pickle. Seems they want to give us shiny new Street Fighter IV figurines to play with in the bathtub display in a mature fashion atop our mahogany bookshelves, but there are just so many characters out there they cannot decide which ones to make. They've decided to turn to the gaming community to decide, with a poll running along the side of their page that will allow you to choose your top three choices for immortalization in PVC form. Will you go with the new characters just to give them a fair shake, or are the 20 million Chun-Li figures out there just not enough for you? Hit up the Capcom blog and make your voice heard!


Street Fighter IV Figurines: Vote for your Favorites! [Capcom Unity Blog]

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I want the one made by an employee in a safe working environment being paid a decent salary with full health and dental benefits. Preferably E. Honda as he's the only character I ever played as back in the day. That green guy with the orange hair (forgot his name) would also be a pretty cool toy.