Which Pokemon Did You Get, X Or Y?

If you have a pulse and own a 3DS, chances are you probably spent part of the weekend playing Pokemon X & Y. And yet before you even buy the game, you must begin to make decisions. Which one to get, X or Y? And which Pokemon to train? Time for a reader poll. And not just any reader poll... a Poke-poll.

Er, sorry, that was not a good pun. I'm pretty new to this whole Pokemon thing. At any rate, I want to know which game most people got—Patricia is under the impression that most people got X, though I got Y and now I feel sort of cooler for it.


Let's get polling.

And which starter?


And which from the other three starters?


I am dead curious to find out who chose what. And if you're wondering about how to get going, I highly recommend reading Patricia's lengthy, detailed tips article.

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