A couple of weeks ago we asked you guys which vintage controller you'd bring back into play if you had a magic fairy game-mother. Responses ran the gamut from "Screw you. MODERN TECH TOTALLY ROXX!" to "Alas, I keep dreamin' of the day when my Dreamcast was in my hands." Since controllers alone started such a debate, we thought we'd open the conversation up a bit. This time around we want to know which limited-edition system you'd like to see make a comeback. Come on, let's hear it, are you longing to own a Navi Saturn, the Holiday Edition Red Wii, or the Japanese Divers 2000 CX-1 Dreamcast, for heaven's sake?


Inspired by the mob power that brought back two fan-favorite Mountain Dew flavors, MOUNTAIN DEW PITCH BLACK® and MOUNTAIN DEW SUPERNOVA® (also known as being brought "Back By Popular DEWmand"), we've opened up the comments for you to tell us which classic system you'd insist on bringing back, if someone important were listening. So go to it-and maybe the bigwigs upstairs will hear your pleas!

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