There are many things we could compare between Xenoblade Chronicles X and Final Fantasy XV. But today, we're going to see which has the coolest-looking sliding. That's right, sliding.

The hell am I talking about? This.

Above, you can see a GIF of Prompto Argentum's sliding attack from Final Fantasy XV, which Kotaku recently checked out.

Online popular Japanese sites like My Game News Flash, some say this attack looks dorky. Some say it's alright. I think it kind of looks like a rather painful baseball slide. With a gun.



Then, we have another sliding attack in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Now, as far as sliding goes, this is fantastic. It's like the character is on the greatest Slip 'N Slide ever invented. Bravo. Nice work, Monolith Soft.

But wait. I'm not sure what the hell the character is shooting at... And what's the deal with that hop at the end?


When we look back at 2015, we'll remember this as the year that the Japanese role-playing game slide broke through. We really will. Promise.

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