Which Games Made Google's 2009 "Best/Worst Of"?

As is customary at this time of year, Google have released their "Zeitgeist" lists for 2009, highlighting the fastest-growing and fastest-falling search trends over the past year. As you'd expect, video games feature.

According to the seach giant, here are the ten most popular gaming searches, which as you'll see, have no bearing whatsoever on sales or quality:

1. ghostbuster
2. ufc
3. saw
4. bakugan
5. batman arkham asylum
6. twilight
7. fifa 2010
8. modern warfare
9. transformers 2
10. resident evil 5


Modern Warfare at #8? Remember, this is only tracking individual searches. So Modern Warfare 2, MW2, Call of Duty, etc etc etc wouldn't have counted.

Some gaming stuff made the overall lists, too, with the Wii making the "Fastest Falling" top 10, while "Wii Games" made the top 10 in the category of...exercise.

There's plenty more data at the link below, roll your sleeves up and get sifting.

2009 Year-End Google Zeitgeist [Google]

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