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Those of you that shelled out for the Wii's Internet Channel before Nintendo made it free can now download one NES game on Virtual Console — as long as its worth 500 points.


All you have to do is dust off your Wii and update the Shop channel. A little button saying "One Free Title" should appear after you've done so and then you'll get the goods. Hurry up, though, the offer expires on 11:59pm PST on 12/31/2009.

So now, after updating my Wii for what feels like the first time ever, the only question is which NES game should I get? I was thinking to get a game I haven't played before like Kirby's Adventure or the original Final Fantasy. But half the fun of Virtual Console is nostalgia, right? So maybe I want Galaga or Donkey Kong...


Thanks for the tip, Nightwheeldot!

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