Which Fallout 4 Faction Is The Best?

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There are four factions you can help out in Fallout 4. Each has its own goals, its own philosophy, and its own cool outfits. The question is: Which one is best?

Patricia’s already explained why she doesn’t like the Brotherhood, but maybe you feel differently? Or maybe you’re more an a Railroad type? Or maybe you think this poll should actually be titled “Which Fallout 4 faction sucks the least?”

Time to put it to a vote! Your vote doesn’t actually have to reflect whatever choices you made in the game. It’s more a matter of: If you had to pick one, which?


Choose wisely. May the best faction win.

Explain your reasoning in the comments below. Do mark major story spoilers, but readers, be warned that lots of these comments are probably going to be pretty spoilery.

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While they are assholes, and I may not agree with all their ideology, I think the Brotherhood has the resources to actually help the wasteland. They actually get out there and run patrols, and fight the raiders and super mutants. The reason they horde all the tech is to prevent humanity from destroying itself (again). The Minutemen in theory are good, but they don’t have the resources or the numbers and training to make a big enough difference.