Where In The World Is Brian Crecente?

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San Francisco. That game would have been a whole lot shorter if they had just been upfront about things. I didn't even ask you guys a geography question! Crecente is out for the better part of this week, hopping between San Francisco and LA for various events with companies such as Electronic Arts, Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Eidos, and Sega. While he is out of the tower he'll still be posting, in fact he should be posting some rather interesting information, starting this evening. Keep your eyes peeled, while the rest of us concentrate on juggling keeping the site from exploding while randomly uploading videos of our pets onto YouTube.


Take us out, Rockapella!

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@karasu is my homeboy:

From the looks and sounds, that's the exact same treadmill I own. It's sitting out in my porch right now. Those two cats just got more use out of it in that one video than I have in the past year. I really need to do something about that.