Where Does The End Of The World Find You?

The end of the world is nigh, right? That's what we're told at least.

But instead of packing my bags out of habit more than any real function, I'm sitting here wondering how I'd really spend my last days.


Would I be cuddling the new kitty that I'm fostering? Would I be frantically calling up everyone I know, desperate to tell them that one funny joke I wasn't sure they'd laugh at before (but who cares now)? Or maybe I'd be replaying a favorite game that's short enough to squeeze in before this fateful midnight strikes. Something like this year's The Walking Dead or last year's Portal 2 would do nicely. Or I could finally get to Far Cry 3 so I can be in on all the last-minute Twitter conversations rather than quickly glossing over them to avoid spoilers. (Oh man, can you imagine end-of-the-world-tweets?)

Truthfully, I'd probably be writing. I'd be scribbling every last thought and feeling and experience I've never even thought to write about before. I'd dig into my earliest memories and transcribe them in the hopes that, even if the world was ending, maybe somewhere down the line someone would stumble on my notebook and some part of my life could extend and have relevance in whatever bleak future there is after the apocalypse.

But I want to hear what you would do on your last day. What would your last words be? Last game? Last song? Who are you spending it with? Let's not get so glum. Feel free to have fun. If it's the end of the world, there's really only this last chance to enjoy ourselves anyway, right?

Image above is from Metro: Last Light in case anyone was wondering.

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