When You Don't Know Jack Asks You To Marry Your Boyfriend, You Say 'Yes'

Now here's an adorable story.

The folks at Jellyvision, the company behind wonderful Facebook game You Don't Know Jack, sent us the above video along with the following:

  • John Zekind reached out to us via @youdontknowjack on Twitter for help with a "secret mission"
  • Jellyvision DMd him and his request was that he and his girlfriend Kara Richter were both HUGE YDKJ fans and he was wondering if we might be able to help him customize a proposal: some audio from Cookie, a post, etc. We got super excited and created a game for them that only they could play where the fourth question was the proposal.
  • We had John fill out a questionnaire (see below) to help the writers create the actual proposal.
  • John then secured his ring and we sent him private test link to run through
  • John proposed this week and, as you can see, she said yes.

We are just really excited for both of them and it was a blast to help out.

Congratulations to John and Kara!


Thom Denick

Uh... What does Cookie say if she had answered differently?