When The Perfect Video Game Just Sneaks Up On You

Kirk got to see it briefly last year, but between then and now, I'd forgotten all about Valiant Hearts. I am an idiot.

This is exactly the kind of game my inner self wishes someone could actually make, and here they are, actually making it. A handful of Ubisoft developers working not on Assassin's Creed or Far Cry, but this, a tiny adventure game set in the First World War and featuring some of the best art I have ever seen in a 2D video game.

And yeah, you read that right. It's an adventure game. One that puts you in control of seven characters, each letting you examine a conflict that, despite its historical significance, video games seem content to largely ignore.


Valiant Hearts is out on June 24 for XBLA (360 & XB1), PSN (PS3 & PS4) and PC.

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Doctor Nein

This needs some much needed attention.