No matter how upset you get, don’t punch arcade game machines. Please.

In Japanese, punching arcade cabinets is called “dai-pan” (台パン). Note that the term “gamen panchi” (画面パンチ), meaning “monitor punch” is sometimes also used, but also can refer to punching home TVs.


Dai-pan happens when folks get angry or frustrated while playing and physically lash out at the game, wrecking arcade property.

Not everyone is doing this! Do not think that. But dai-pan is still so famous among arcade players, that when they see a cabinet with its monitor covered by cardboard and an out of order sign, they immediately wonder if it’s been punched.

It looks like this is such a problem in this arcade that these notices ask players to refrain from hitting the cabinets.

Punching arcade machines is bad! Other players hate it, and doing so not only destroys property, but also breaks the law.

Throw virtual punches, not real ones, m’kay?

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