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This week, Chinese model Gan Lulu once again raised eyebrows. She appeared at the Beijing Motor Show in a dress that was more skin than fabric. Right along with her, every step of the way was her mom, snapping photos of her daughter on her iPhone.


There's nothing wrong with close mother-daughter relationships. But their relationship seems to go beyond close to somewhere else entirely. It seems abusive and exploitive.

Gan Lulu has appeared in TV spots and movies, but really rattled the internet in 2011 when her mother filmed Lulu in the shower and then naked in bed. Her mother was supposedly trying to help Lulu get a boyfriend. The video went viral, and Chinese netizens cried foul, saying it was merely a stunt to increase Lulu's popularity. It not only raised her profile online (in China and abroad), but raised internet ire.

Lulu had to go online and plead that her mother meant well. But something was off—this didn't seem like a pushy mother. It was weird.


Likewise, Hollywood has also seen mother-daughter relationships that appear to be anything but healthy.

Later that summer, Lulu's mother physically attacked her daughter while appearing on a Chinese variety show. After getting hit and shoved by mom, Lulu told the camera crew, "My mother hits me because she loves me." As website China Smack pointed out at the time, it was unclear what provoked the attack.

It is crystal clear why earlier this week why Gan Lulu wore that revealing dress and why mom was there every step of the way.


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