Or at least those of us who gathered every DNA sample in 1997's The Lost World: Jurassic Park video game. We scored a very special message from Mr. Goldblum, urging us to “call a member of the opposite sex” and “Get the stink off.”

I was watching Jeff Goldblum on a post-Orphan Black episode of the Graham Norton Show earlier this week, when I recalled a grainy motivational video I had seen years ago, but I couldn’t remember where I’d see it. Eventually I put it out of my mind, only to have Redditor Thatonesplicer share that very video today, via YouTube’s Gamehelper.

What a wonderful feeling, working your way through a not-very-good-at-all game under the spell of collectible compulsion, only to be rewarded by a reminder of how much time I’d just wasted. The folks at DreamWorks Interactive were monsters.


I don’t blame you, Mr. Goldblum. At least not for this.

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