When I Hit That Dip, Get Your Camera

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Hi there, Kotaku. The week is over, and so we come to the Friday night open thread. I hope you had a good week! If you're at PAX East, I trust you're having a blast.


Here, gathered from the internet, are some things you might want to read before you get to gabbing.


That's that! Have a good weekend, all.

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Apparently my wrestling name is "Great Boulder". I knew it, I rock ^_^.

The image is my arcade cab. It isn't finished yet, but I did stick my computer and monitor in it to make sure it all fit and worked. I had wanted to lay the monitor (19" flat screen) down so it would look more like the older cabs (like Pengo, which this cab was originally), but when I tried it out, the screen didn't look right. So I lowered the wood base down, then raised the brace up to it's present position. It's not how I initially wanted it, but I would rather have a less than 10 lb. monitor like this than try the original CRT monitor, which weighed around 100 lbs.

I still have to finish putting T-molding on the right, paint the front black while applying woodgrain sticky paper on the sides and changing the marquee (I'm going for the bizarre Atari 2600 look ^_^). I am debating putting a drawer where I have the keyboard as well.

Oh yeah, and gluing a few tokens to the marquee when I have it set. Played a bit of Robotron before I snapped the pic.