Gal | TOKYO, JAPAN: Gal Gun gets an Akihabara maid cafe promotion (Photo: Mantan Web)

A Beautiful Collection of Awesome Nintendo Logos

I like the games and the hardware, of course, but one of my favourite things about Japanese video games from the 1980s were the logos.
And some of the best ones came out of Nintendo.
I'm not talking about the company's primary logo, either. More »


The Art of Homeworld. Enjoy.

Yeah, I usually post art from recent games here on Fine Art, but sometimes I like to look back and get a little retrospective. Today will be one of those days, as we're showcasing the work of Rob Cunningham on seminal space strategy game Homeworld.
Which is only one of my favourite, and certainly... More »


A Wireless Headset That Changes Channels and Gets Out of the Way

How do you review a product for something that isn't there, and isn't supposed to be there? That's the distinguishing trait of the Turtle Beach X32 headset for the Xbox 360. More »


Girl Group Wants Japan To Stop Killing Itself

Suicide is serious. It's horrible. It's touched me personally as well as many people in Japan, which has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. More »


The Many Melodies of the Nintendo 3DS

Welcome back to "Menu Music," a regular Kotaku Melodic feature in which we'll be listening to the best and worst menu music in video gaming.
Last week, we listened to the mind-numbing music of the PlayStation Vita, so it seemed only fair that this week we should listen to the music of its... More »


This Metal Gear Figure Costs Nearly $500!

The master craftsmen at Hong Kong's ThreeA are working on a Metal Gear Rex figure. It's 1/48 scale, which sounds small. That is, until you see someone hold it. More »



An Indepth Look at The Last Story's Versus and Co-op Multiplayer

Despite being 1) a Japanese game, 2) an RPG, and 3) a Wii game, The Last Story has not one but two online multiplayer modes included in its package.
The first is a versus mode, which includes a three-on-three team deathmatch. More »

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