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When Dragon Age Goes Wrong, Everyone's Michael Jackson

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is no longer the moonwalking-est game on the block. Not by a longshot. Also, could Michael Jackson leap 800 feet in the air against his own will? Didn't think so. Thanks to the dark magic that is glitches, Dragon Age: Inquisition characters absolutely can.

OK, let's start with the moonwalking, which can happen to both the player character and party members. Depending on what music is playing at the time, it can also be the most dramatic/somber/epic moonwalk in history, a moonwalk powerful enough to sew the weeping rift in Dragon Age's sky and cease its stinging tears for all time. Or maybe it'll just make you laugh. Observe in this video from Lo Jueguito:

Here's a different sort of moonwalking glitch that can afflict your character, courtesy of Dwayne Manuel. It occurs when the game's falling physics kick in and, well, never really kick out.

So that's the moonwalking. Pretty overt, pretty obvious, right? For a change of pace, here's one where you'll have to pay close attention. Watch the background of this scene captured by Jeremy Teeter, specifically the soldiers playing patty cake with swords on the left. Notice anything... off?

And now another obvious one. Here's somebody rocketing 800 feet (or somewhere thereabouts) into the air, as seen by El Cinefilo:

Meanwhile, far below them, where the world is naught but a glorified anthill full of tiny wizard ants, the floor is water in this video by Jaime Ravenet. Better than the floor being lava, I guess.

Cut-scenes are not safe from some rather... amusing glitches, either. This one by Kami Shepard starts out normally enough, but by the end characters fuse together in an unholy union, a squid monster abomination of arms, legs, and eyeballs. Maybe this is how archdemons are formed. Or human centipedes.

And finally, Daniel Meyer managed to step outside the game world altogether. WELCOME TO LAND LOAF, EDGE OF THE WORLD USA.

So there you go. Dragon Age: Inquisition is an utterly fantastic fantasy RPG, but that doesn't mean it's glitch-free. On the upside, these are the fun kind of glitches—not the achy, breaky "there goes the neighborhood/universe" kind. Have you found any odd or interesting glitches yourself? Or, maker forbid, have you found anything game-breaking?


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