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When Captain America Throws His Mighty Pinball

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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On July 22, Captain America becomes the latest Marvel Comics character to get the blockbuster movie treatment, and on June 28 he'll be busting balls as the latest addition to Zen Studios' Marvel Pinball and Pinball FX 2.

Due out June 28 for the PlayStation Network and June 29 for Xbox Live Arcade's Pinball FX 2, the Captain America pinball table joins the likes of Wolverine, Blade, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four in representing Marvel Comics in silver ball form.


Rather than present a modern take on the star-spangled avenger's exploits, Zen Studios and Marvel are giving pinball fans a taste of World War II-era Cap, complete with appearances by Bucky Barnes and the Howling Commandos, which is good, because Steve Rogers is going to need all the help he can get to take down the Red Skull, Baron Zemo, and the powerful Sleeper.

If the character grouping sounds familiar, that's because this new table is based on Ed Brubaker's Captain America 65th Anniversary Special. Focused on telling one complete story, it's one of the most focused Marvel tables Zen Studios has released. Perhaps it will pave the way for more story-specific tables, like the X-Men's Phoenix Saga, or Spider-Man's Clone Saga. Yes, the Clone Saga sucked, but imagine the multi-ball possibilities!


Check out the gallery for more on this sexy new animated Captain America adventure. The new table hits the PlayStation Network's Marvel Pinball on June 28 for $2.99, and Xbox Live Arcade's Pinball FX 2 on June 29 for 240 Microsoft points.


The story is set in the World War II environment, evoking the era when Captain America and Bucky accompanied the Howling Commandos on their missions behind enemy lines.


With Baron Zemo's castle located, Cap and the commando are ordered to take him out, along with the Red Skull who, they suspect, is accompanying Zemo, marching together for some unsavory purpose. Intel says that the Red Skull possesses the omnipotent Cosmic Cube, and Cap's main goal is to neutralize him before any of his nefarious intents can be realized.
Cap, Bucky and the Howling Commandos are dropped into enemy territory to assault Zemo's Castle.



The table's main missions resemble the stories of Cap and the Howling Commandos and are mostly inspired by the 65th Anniversary Special comic. The table also contains many elements of other Cap stories, including conflicts with the Red Skull, who uses the Cosmic Cube against him, but Zemo's Adhesive X and his hand-held Death Ray gun are also introduced along with the Sleeper from the 65th Anniversary Special.


The Howlers will be omnipresent on the table through, helping Cap in certain situations. Each member of the commando team receives a subtle highlight during gameplay, including Dum Dum Dugan, Jim Morita, Gabe Jones and Jacque Dernier. Each character is planned to have a few voice-overs representing their role and personality (for instance, Gabe's 'You'll all see guys! I will rock this place!'.)


The following characters will appear on the table as 3D-models:

- Captain America
- Red Skull in a long black coat
- Baron (Heinrich) Zemo in his black leather coat
- The Sleeper from the 65th Anniversary Special


Cap and the Red Skull will constantly be present on the table (except that Cap glides in on a parachute at the very beginning and takes his place), while Zemo and the Sleeper will temporarily appear for the sake of different game modes. Cap, Zemo and the Skull will have their voice-overs as well. Cap will mostly comment situations just like in the comics, like 'I need to get some strength before Zemo fires that gun again!'.

Red Skull quote examples: 'You will never win, Amerikaner!', 'Now this will crush you!'