When Call of Duty's Creators Left, They Took a LOT of People With Them

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Last year, Vince Zampella and Jason West - heads of Infinity Ward and the creators of the Call of Duty franchise - abruptly resigned from the studio and formed a new company.


At the time, it became knowledge that a few of their former IW colleagues had joined them at their new studio, Respawn Entertainment. Now, more than a year later, it turns out they've been joined by a whole lot more than just a few.

The company's website has been updated with a list of its employees, and it lists 40 former Infinity Ward employees as being on the books. Forty! That's a sizeable chunk of the Modern Warfare 3 developers' roster, and means not only has the Call of Duty studio lost its leadership group, it's lost a lot of its grunts as well.

Respawn is working on...something, which won't be ready for a long, long time.


Company [Respawn, via CVG]


I said it right at the beginning and I'll say it again. The fact so many have left IW shows that there is some truth to Zampella and West's claims. It also shows that what Activision was saying is bullshit, as they claimed among other things that it was the two heads who were bullying their own staff.

I doubt they'd all leave IW to join their old bosses if that was the case.

Also of note, in their community manager's first update there's this comment at the end:

"One small thing: I am absolutely aware of any and all feelings concerning dedicated servers. But let’s discuss that later…"

Pretty much means IW were forced into doing that kind of stuff under Activision.