When Call of Duty's Creators Left, They Took a LOT of People With Them

Last year, Vince Zampella and Jason West - heads of Infinity Ward and the creators of the Call of Duty franchise - abruptly resigned from the studio and formed a new company.


At the time, it became knowledge that a few of their former IW colleagues had joined them at their new studio, Respawn Entertainment. Now, more than a year later, it turns out they've been joined by a whole lot more than just a few.

The company's website has been updated with a list of its employees, and it lists 40 former Infinity Ward employees as being on the books. Forty! That's a sizeable chunk of the Modern Warfare 3 developers' roster, and means not only has the Call of Duty studio lost its leadership group, it's lost a lot of its grunts as well.

Respawn is working on...something, which won't be ready for a long, long time.


Company [Respawn, via CVG]

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