When Bayonetta's Designer Trolls the Internet

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With a hair body suit and pistol heels, Bayonetta was one of the most interesting games of 2010. Wouldn't it be great if Platinum Games made another? Sure it would.


When asked on Twitter about Bayonetta 2, Hideki Kamiya replied, "In this weeks game magazine..." The game magazine he's apparently referring to is Famitsu, and contents of that publication have already leaked onto the internet. No Bayonetta 2!

Atsushi Inaba, a producer at Platinum Games quickly hoped on Twitter, to put out this fire, saying that there is no Bayonetta 2 reveal this week.


"We aren't showing anything new, guys!" Inaba wrote, adding that Kamiya likes to "skirt the line with his jokes on twitter" and added that he was going to flick Kamiya in the ear.

Flick him twice, because, you know, Bayonetta 2!

「ベヨネッタ2はまだですか?」 → 神谷英樹「今週の…ゲーム雑誌で…」 [はちま起稿]

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How bad is the PS3 Bayonetta? Is it bad to someone who never played the 360 version? Comparison at Digital Foundry is really scary, but does the patches fix a good amount of the issues? If I can find it cheap (I'm not in NA or Europe), is it worth the shot?