When A Short Film Looks As Good As A Hollywood Blockbuster

Dust is not, as you may first think, an upcoming Hollywood adaptation of The Last Of Us. It's just a short, one that's taken four years, and a ton of hard work, to put together.


A lot of that punch comes from fact it's been produced by Ember Labs (who we've featured previously on Kotaku), making the whole thing look like it cost $100 million to make. Which it most certainly didn't.


That said, this isn't exactly a student project, either. Filmed on location in Japan, its star Masashi Odate has been in flicks like Letters From Iwo Jima and The Last Samurai (and games like Red Steel), while some of the music was done by Naruto composer Yasuharu Takanashi.

Dust will hopefully be out in December.

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When main protagonists are asian, I knew this wasn't hollywood thing.

...then again. It also lacks: "ONE MAN! ONE DESIRE!"- speech. :p