Wheelman Devs Unveil 'Necessary Force,' Seek Buyer

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With all things Midway up for auction and interested buyer Warner Bros. committed to purchasing only portions of the company, some of the company's assets are looking for a new home. That includes Midway Newcastle—and its new game.


So Midway Newcastle, developers of the coolly received Vin Diesel vehicle Wheelman, is looking for a buyer, pitching its originally developed intellectual property Necessary Force along with it. The developer is trying to drum up interest by launching a web site promoting the game, highlighting the game's art style and Necessary Force's rugged detective who plays by his own rules.


Necessary Force looks to expand upon the foundation built for Wheelman, with studio head Craig Duncan telling Develop that the team has "about 35 man years of tech on top of base Unreal [Engine]" and an already playable game on their hands.

The in-development open world action game's trailer shows no gameplay, but does show some interesting facets of the title. It looks like there will be a changing city, as the trailer showcases a dilapidated building transforming from rundown slum to sleek apartment. It also shows off a little torture—or coercion tactics, if you prefer.

According to Duncan, there's publisher interest in Necessary Force, but a lack of money. "The whole industry is struggling, really," he tells Develop.

Of course, considering that Midway's big investment in these big budget and massive open world action games like Wheelman, This Is Vegas and Stranglehold are partly to blame for its current financial woes, one may be able to understand a publisher's hesitance to sign on. But we obviously wish them the best of luck.


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Necessary Force [Official Site]

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