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What's Your Favorite MOBA?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

MOBAs are all the rage these days. But the hybrid part-action, part-RTS, part-turret defense genre is also so new still that there haven't been that many great ones yet. So which is your favorite?

Are you a League of Legends loyalist? Have you been won over by Smite already? Do you prefer Awesomenauts, the wild card of the emergent genre? Or are you a diehard originalist who still swears by the original Defense of the Ancients? If so: hipster.


Tell us which MOBA is your favorite in the poll below. "Favorite" is an intentionally vague descriptor here, so make of it what you will. You can pick the one you truly believe to be the best game, the one you play the most, or even the one you're most excited about spending time with right now. But you can only pick one, so choose wisely!


Make sure to explain your pick below. I'm particularly interested in hearing about the factors that made you choose one over another: what makes Smite better than League of Legends in your view, or League better than Dota 2. Those are just hypothetical examples, don't hurt me.

Happy Friday!!

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