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What's Your Favorite Animal Crossing: New Leaf Song?

We've gone over how to compose a great town theme for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. But one of the best things about the game is the actual soundtrack, reliably changing tunes every hour as you make your way through a 24-hour cycle.


In AC:NL, some players will hear certain songs more than others, depending on when they play. I was talking to Patricia about her favorite music, and it turns out it's from very late at night, music I hadn't heard since I tend to play a bit in the mornings and again in the afternoon.


You can listen to the entire soundtrack in chronological order here, if you're curious about the stuff you never hear.

My own favorite mini-composition is probably 7:00 PM, as embedded above. I love that that medatative rhythm, the way it moves forward with such calm momentum, before pausing and letting in the space that makes Kazumi Totaka's entire soundtrack so distinctive.

My other favorite music, because I have to cheat and list more than one, is the music that plays in the Happy Home Showcase. I couldn't find that online anywhere, so I captured it myself.

It was raining today—in Animal Crossing, that is, it's sunny and hot as hell in San Francisco—so I had to let the rain into my recording. But actually, it's kinda nice.


Anyhow, you've all probably been playing the game long enough to have a favorite tune or two. Which one's yours?

And hey, if you want to let some Animal Crossing into your everyday life, you can go here to listen to the songs, on a loop, in real time with the calendar. It's not half bad to work to!

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I bought this as my first AC game. First day I was like "wtf is this"

Now I THINK i figured it out....which isn't much....

Suggestions for an advanced gamer would be awesome. Is this really just a game of collecting? I don't hate it, but I also don't love it.