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I love video game trailers, but I love them for the same reason I love concept work: I see them as entirely separate art forms from an actual video game.


I enjoy them and appreciate them for what they are, not what they're trying to represent. And that generally leaves me a pretty happy guy! If, however, you look to video game trailers to sell you on a game and how it actually looks/plays, the past five years you've been shit out of luck.


As this diagram so eloquently explains.

Why I don't care much for teaser trailers [Reddit, via Gamefreaks]

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I love me some pre-rendered trailers. These days it's pretty easy to check out some gameplay elsewhere, so when an amazing pre-rendered trailer comes along, I'm pretty pumped.

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer is a pretty good example. It's not very good at representing what gameplay will actually be like, but it sure does build hype. Then I go look to see if gameplay looks worthy of this magnificent trailer. Does it? You betcha.

Then again, I'm one of those folks that still likes pre-rendered scenes in the actual games too. I know, I know, there's the whole bit about how it breaks immersion and such, but I've never once felt like I'm actually the character in games. You can't pull me out if I was never in to begin with.