What's Up With The PlayStation Move's Colored Balls?

The first press shots of the PlayStation Move look delicious, courtesy of the bright coloured balls perched atop the peripheral. Wondering why there's so much variety? So were we.


While many people's first instinct is that the Move will ship with different coloured spheres, or that perhaps they're interchangeable, truth is that while at rest, the ball has a pearly, transparent finish. The different colours come from gameplay situations, as the sphere pulsates and changes hue depending on what's happening on the screen.

Sony's VP of worldwide studios Scott Rodhe told Kotaku that the lights are generated by three LEDs inside the sphere, meaning - in theory, at least - the ball can render pretty much any colour imaginable.

Stephen was playing SOCOM 4 earlier, for example, and the Move's ball went orange. Why orange? Because the controller worked out that there was no orange in the room he was playing in, making the Move easier for the PlayStation Eye to detect and for you to make out against the background.


So if you're playing somewhere else, or even at a different time of day, the colour will change. Pretty neat!

How The PlayStation Move Is NOT A Wii Remote [Kotaku]

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