What's The Worst Troll You've Encountered?

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Over a game of some Call of Duty, someone once asked me if I worked at Hooters. Because I am a woman with a woman’s voice and this is a thing you ask people, I guess? Shockingly, that’s one of the few “troll” stories I have to share from my time gaming with people online. I bet you have better ones.

My troll didn’t lead me too far into this dumb discussion, probably because I did not entertain it. I suppose he did manage to troll me in the sense that I left the game immediately, but I am not one to sit around in an unfriendly game of what is supposed to be helping me blow off steam when there are plenty of other game lobbies in the sea. Or something. The only hostility I look for in a game is the virtual-killing-you kind, thank you.

So share your stories and your woes below and I’ll eventually round up the best ones.


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The worst encounter I’ve ever had with a troll was just after Hurricane Katrina. I’m a New Orleans native and when I returned home 8 months after the hurricane, I had been living in Huntsville Alabama, a friend and I we’re playing Project Gotham Racing on the 360. Now I very rarely ever play games online because of the fact that people know anonymity gives you a free pass on common human decency and respect. But the friend that I was playing with goaded me in to running a few races online. While racing and winning (I am quite good at racing games in general) I got into what seemed like a normal conversation with one of my opponents. Our conversation had led to where we lived. I told him that I lived in New Orleans, and he immediately came in with some of the most hateful, ignorant and racist speak I’ve ever had directed toward me. The one big thing that finally got me to leave the game was when he said “Yea, I’ve seen those stupid dead drowned niggers in the street on tv. Was that your family? I hope it was your dad you fucking nigger bitch.” now I’m a white guy and a painfully obvious one at that. So this guy was the very definition of a troll. Losing at a racing game was so fucking important to him that he decided to be as hateful as humanly possible toward a complete stranger. If I only somewhat avoided online games up until that point, I now never play online unless its with people I personally know. Not that this guy struck any personal blows to me. It just sickens me to know that there are people like that in the same world that I live in and I will do my best to avoid that special kind of stupidity as best I can. If we want the hobby that we all love and cherish to thrive in legitimacy then this sort of behavior has got to stop. I’ve commented before about trolls on Kotaku, and like I’ve said before, they are video games. GAMES! No one should be made to feel like less of a human being while just trying to enjoy their favorite form of entertainment. I would love to be able to say that gamers are among the most wonderful people on earth. Most of the gamers that I know completely stand up to that. But it’s that 1% of complete garbage human being that are unfortunately the loudest and most visible. Just know that if you are a gamer who is civil, enjoys their time with games, and tries their best to help others enjoy it as well, you have my complete respect and admiration. But if you’re a person that lives to make others miserable just for the lolz, I implore you to find a new fucking hobby.