​What's The Worst Game You've Ever Bought?

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Not everything is worth the price we pay for it. In fact, some games aren't worth the disc they're printed on.

Today I thought I'd ask you guys about the worst games you've ever bought, the ones you really regretted purchasing. You could've put that money toward a new blender, or a cool pair of pants!

Weigh in in the comments, and please include a picture or video from the game in question, the name of the game, and why it was the worst game you've ever bought. I'll go first.

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I bought it since everyone in my class was hyped up for it, and since I had time before Skyward Sword came out. Since I've never played an Elder Scrolls game before, I said why not and decided to see what the fuss was about. I was bored as hell. It was pretty much just a pointless sandbox with a dull and boring world and no storyline whatsoever. I felt no attachment to the game and couldn't get any fun of it. Thankfully, Skyward Sword came out and I had forgotten about it. I think a year later or so I sold it on Craigslist for $30.