What's The Story With Catherine?

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Grisly murders, deadly nightmares, and a marriage proposal followed immediately by a one-night-stand? What exactly is going on in Atlus' Catherine? the game's official website gives us the skinny.


The Japanese website for Atlus' Persona side-story Catherine has updated its story section, and Japanese gaming website Adriasang has translated the details, shedding light on what up until now has looked like a game about naked women and nightmares.

Don't worry, it's still about naked women and nightmares.

The back story for the game, like many Persona titles, involves urban legends and murder. Young men have been found dead in their beds, terrified expressions frozen on their faces. Rumors have begun to surface that if you begin to have a nightmare you must wake up immediately or die.


The game starts off with Vincent, our lanky hero, hanging out at a bar with Katherine. Having dated for five years, Katherine suggests the pair gets married. Vincent freezes, as men often do.

Then a mysterious girl named Catherine enters the bar and takes a seat next to Vincent. He ends up taking her home and sleeping with her. You can see bits of this in the opening trailer we posted last month.

Then the nightmares begin.

Sound intriguing, or are you still stuck back at the random sex portion of the story? Once you're done, check out the game's Japanese website for lots of strange symbols and pretty pictures.


This is Catherine's Story [Adriasang]

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I so want this game, just one problem.

My Sister is named catherine.

For some reason, this just gives me the creeps even more then usual.