What's The Story Behind Your Online Name?

We've all been there before. Load up a game only to be met with a blank space asking what should be a simple question: What would you like to name your character? Or, even before you pop a game in, your GamerTag? Or your PSN ID? Your Steam username? Five hours pass and maybe you've come up with something cool.


So, what it is? What's your handle online? And perhaps more importantly: what's the story behind it?

I've been alternating, but I love to snatch up "Tesseract" when I can. First off: it's a four-dimensional hypercube, and what's not awesome about that? Second off: it even sounds cool to say. Third off: as someone with a four-letter first name, I don't get many opportunities for nicknames but "Tess" sounds pretty delightful.

I used to use "Zereshk" a lot. It's a word in my native language—Farsi—which is a sweet and somewhat sour berry. I kind of just liked how it sounded but you wouldn't believe how many people I've run into online who get tripped up on that triple consonant at the end.

And, yes, the waving girl up there with the poor excuse for hair is my Xbox Live avatar. (Video games hate people with long hair.)

What about you guys? Share your stories below. It can even be a tale about your Kotaku name.

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It's really complicated. I'm not sure anybody would understand it, even if I explained.