What's the Reaction When You Make Dragon Quest Games

As far as iconic games in Japan go, they don't get any more iconic than Dragon Quest. It's one of those rare games that still ensnares people who don't game as much as they used to or don't game at all.

So in Japan, working on Dragon Quest must be a pretty big deal, no?

According to Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 producer Taichi Inuzuka, when people he meets find out that he works on Dragon Quest games, they typically reply with a terse "oh". The inevitable geekouts do follow.


"But sometimes later they'll ask me all sorts of strategy questions," Inuzuka told Kotaku. "I don't actually remember all the strategies for every game, but people seem to expect me to."

He's a game producer, not a walking DQ strategy guide, people!

(Top photo: Level-5 | Square Enix)

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