What's The Longest You've Gone Without Gaming?

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You know it, you love it, Tell Us Dammit. No, rather TELL US DAMMIT. Yep! Time to learn about each other. How it works: We ask a question, you answer it. Simple and no strings attached! This isn't some marketing survey or whatever. It's an emotional investment in you. Yes, we're interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us - more than you even want to, we're sure. But, hey, we'd like to know about you. That way you won't be some faceless blob - and we might feel a tinge of guilt when we ban your ass. Or not, because really we're incapable of human emotion. Sadness.



What is the longest you have gone without gaming?

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The first 8 years of my life were spent without ever playing a video game. Video games were the devil so my parents wouldn't let me have them. :( I was still interested in them though. Looking at and cutting out the box art from the Toys R' Us catalogue. Reading about them in the occasional gaming magazine. Then I started going to a youth center in the summer. They had a SNES and I got to play Super Mario World and Megaman X 10 minutes at a time. The longest I went after that was a weekend when they weren't open. Theeeen I eventualyl stopped going ot the youth center. My friend gave me a Half-Life CD Key and my long addiction to CS started. That's all I played for hours a day for a couple of years. I eventually got bored of that. Now I've got a 360 and a Wii and gaming PC and couldn't imagine going a day without games.