What's The Difference Between PS3 And Xbox 360 Versions? Ladies Underwear

"Soul Breed" strategy/embarrassing food eating RPG Record of Agarest War first hit the PS3 last fall. Now, it's got the inevitable Xbox 360 version. There are differences, it seems, big differences.


In the monster-killing-baby-making RPG, players capture the hearts of game heroines to "create" a successor. When this happens, there is a "special" movie that's shown. The new successor is then revealed. So what's the difference between the two versions?

Well, for one thing, the Xbox 360 version has an altered title: Record of Agarest War: Re-appearance. And the game has Xbox LIVE support. Then there's something about the in-game underwear.

The top is a screen cap from the Xbox 360 game, and the bottom one is from the PS3 game, apparently. For some, this is important stuff.


『アガレスト戦記』のPS3版とXbox360版の決定的な違い [my game news flash]

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