Your 6 Nominations For Best Gaming Headset

We've counted your nominations, and now the time to vote has come. With only one vote separating the 5th and 6th most nominated headsets, and a wide gulf between these top 6 picks and the rest of the pack, we decided to head to the voting round with 6 options.

Astro A50

No surprise here. The Astro brand is synonymous with gaming headsets. The Astro A30/A40 took fourth place in Lifehacker's 2012 poll, but Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton gave it the win:

"I think I can safely say now that Astro really does make the best gaming headphones on the market."

Logitech G35 and G930


Logitech is a regular in our polls and has made it back again with not one but two nominees. The G35 (wired) and the G930 (wireless) both offer 7.1 surround sound. The G930 is also the #1 bestseller in gaming headsets on Amazon. From Lifehacker:

"...many of you specifically called out... for their superior comfort, on-ear audio controls, rich sound, and crisp voice quality."


Sennhesier PC360 and HD558


Sennheiser is known for pristine audio, and not just within the gaming sphere. From Lifehacker:

"... the PC 360 swept the gaming community with its fantastic sound, huge, full circumaural earcups that are comfortable to wear for long periods, and its integrated retractable microphone..."

Sony Wireless Stereo Headset


The Sony Headset has quite a bit of functionality specific to Sony's consoles and services, from special audio modes in certain games to integration with the Playstation Mobile app. It's also a great headset in its own right, inheriting Sony's legacy of high-quality audio and stylish design, and will play nice with your PC and Mac.

What's The Best Gaming Headset?

Back in 2012, Kotaku Editorial rounded up their picks for best gaming headset, and Lifehacker asked its readers their opinion. Now it's 2014, and it's your turn. Nominate your favorite gaming headset in the comments section, and we'll send the top 5 to the second round to be voted on.

We're going to do this a little differently this time. Recommending someone else's nomination is your vote, so star those nominations wisely. As always, we humbly request that you make your best case for your choice, or against someone else's, and please, check to see if someone else has already nominated something before you do.

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