What's That? Modern-Day Gaming Has Too Many Sequels? Actually...

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Whenever you see someone gripe about how uncreative the game industry is, the 'observation' almost always seems to carry a hint of nostalgia to it. It's almost as if people want to suggest ~the good 'ol days~ were so much better.

Gaming used to be so much more original! Right? Hmm. Judging by this picture of an old gaming mag tweeted by Frank Cifaldi, maaaaybe not.


Excuse me. I'm going to go pick out a game from my library of vintage Pong clones to go play now.

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Jeremy Blum

The idea that the modern video game industry is somehow less original than it was back in the day is largely a concept promoted by people blind with nostalgia.

Video games have always existed in a huge river of sequels and licensed schlock, it's just that back in the day we were all much younger and didn't realize it. The constant stream of endless runners and free to play games that exist in today's gaming environment were the chunky 3D platformers of the PS1 and PS2 era, and the crappy sidescrollers of the SNES and Genesis era. And sequels have been pumped out one-by-one since the days of the original NES and Sega Master System.

If anything, the gaming world is more original now, thanks to all the indie games that you see on digital distribution platforms. And even when it comes to big AAA titles, I've been seeing a lot more new IPs get attention than ever before. Dragon's Dogma, Deep Down, Sleeping Dogs, Watch Dogs, The Last Of Us, Dark Souls, Heavy Rain, L.A. Noire, Soul Sacrifice, Dragon's Crown - all upcoming or already launched new IPs that have either got decent media attention or performed well.

The gaming industry is doing fine, contrary to popular belief. It's in a pretty good place right now.