What's Tecmo Bringing To E3? Ninja Gaiden Models, For One

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Publisher Tecmo is heading to E3, armed with a septet of games, three of them still currently unannounced. What will Tecmo be bringing, beyond a playable Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2? And "Ninja Gaiden models"?


A lineup that's heavy on the PlayStation, with Quantum for the PlayStation 3 and Undead Knights for the PSP. Quantum, for anyone bewildered by the game's appearance at E3, looks to be the renamed Quantum Theory, the third-person shooter the company announced last fall. Unfortunately, it appears that both of these titles won't be playable, as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for the PS3 will.

Tecmo also has at least one Wii title ready for the show, with Family Fun Football making an appearance in video game form. Why it's not named Tecmo Bowl Party is a mystery we hope to solve at the show.

Finally, Tecmo has three unannounced digital download titles coming, referred to only as "Puzzle game," "Music + 2D Platformer game" and "Sports game."



I'd definitely like to see some real, in-game footage of Quantum. If the e-mail I saw from Tecmo is any indication, we may well see that though. I hope it's good, but at the same time I'm immediately skeptical of a Japanese developer pulling off a Gears-style third person shooter.

I'm definitely going to be sending my E3 people to check out Sigma 2 though.