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TGS is soon! Very, very soon. October 9-12, to be exact, and we'll be there from October 6 onwards! So get excited, will you? Look, Sega will be there, and they'll be showing a ton of stuff, big difference between this year and last year being they're showing a lot of stuff that's good. Like Yakuza 3 and Bayonetta on the PS3. And Sonic Unleashed. And some awful-looking PC MMO thing. And so damn many RPGs on the handheld systems that I'm not even going to bother highlighting them here. You'll find them - and everything else on show (and yes, we know, Madworld isn't there) - after the jump. PlayStation 3 Yakuza 3 Bayonetta Sonic Unleashed Wii 428 Bleach Versus Crusade The Arrangement of Haruhi Suzumiya Sonic Unleashed Samba de Amigo Xbox 360 Bayonetta Sonic Unleashed Nintendo DS Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer DS 2: Demon Castle in the Desert Phantasy Star Zero Infinite Space Seventh Dragon Shining Force Feather Culdcept DS Haruhi Suzumiya Blazer Drive World Destruction Saka Tsuku DS Touch and Direct Kaite Oboeru Doragana PSP Garnet Chronicle / Crimsongem Saga Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Phantasy Star Portable PC Internet Adventure Sega @ TGS08 [Sega, via Siliconera]

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