Let's take look back at something very exciting: Nintendo's year end Tokyo Stock Exchange market ranking. What number did the company come in? Oh, the suspense!

Here is the 2008 year end Tokyo Stock Exchange market cap ranking:

1. Toyota Motors: 10.160 trillion yen
2. NTT Docomo: 7.915 trillion yen
3. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group: 6.5109 trillion yen
4. Nintendo: 4.7813 trillion yen (US$52,732,987,757.80)
5. Tokyo Electric: 4.586 trillion yen
6. Takeda Pharmaceutical Company: 3.7823 trillion yen
7. Canon: 3.6945 trillion yen
8. Honda: 3.4971 trillion yen
9. JT: 2.95 trillion yen
10. KDDI: 2.8478 trillion yen

This is the seventh consecutive year that Toyota has come in first place — though, the company's market cap was down 54 percent compared to last year. The rough economy also has been hard on Sony, who dropped from last year's 8th place ranking to this year's 23rd spot.

トヨタの時価総額54%減 ランク首位は維持 [JPN] [Pic]