What's Mass Effect 3 Mobile?

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Every three months, game publisher EA tells the public that one of its upcoming games, Mass Effect 3 will be coming out for consoles (of course!), PC (expected) and "handheld/mobile" (huh?).


Mass Effect 3 will be out in less than five weeks, so here we are wondering what it's about. It won't be a 3DS or Vita game, it seems. Any maybe it's not even a game. Here's what an EA rep told Kotaku today:

"There will be "handheld/mobile" products tied to Mass Effect 3, as noted in our past few earnings announcements. They are part of the Galaxy at War system. We will have more details to share soon."

That's semi-helpful. Maybe it's a game. Maybe it's some sort of tracking app for the Galaxy at War element of Mass Effect 3. But what's Galaxy at War? It's a meta-game that connects single-player and multiplayer of Mass Effect 3, somehow inviting players into various missions that will more swiftly earn them enough "galactic readiness" points to get the game's best ending(s?). When EA reps first described this system to me it sounded like there could be a Facebook component, too, but that was just my speculation about which they'd only look at me with stone-faced expressions.



Because ME3 isn't sounding crap enough already, they're adding mobiles to the mix, yay! Considering this is my favourite franchise (or was, after the inevitable failure ME3 will be, even though I'm sure critics will tell us all it's great (*cough*DA2*cough*)), I couldn't be less excited about finishing the fight.

I know ME2 was massively down on what made ME1 great, but couldn't they at least stay at that level? Why do they have to just make it look/sound worse and worse with every new announcement?