What's In The Star Trek Online Collector's Edition?

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GameStop has posted details on the Collector's Edition of Star Trek Online, featuring $30 worth of extra collectible Star Trek goodness in a brushed aluminum 3dX holography case.


The fancy case is only the beginning for Star Trek fans willing to spend $79.99 instead of the normal retail price of $49.99 on Star Trek Online, but it sure is lovely. It features magnetic closures and nested storage for the rest of the premium items included in the deal. Items like a combination hardbound instruction guide, art book, and disc container, or the cast metal communicator badge, styled after the one used in the game. The package also includes three credit card style buddy passes for you to share with your friends. Swanky!

The collector's edition also comes with the requisite in-game items, with a red matter capacitor for your ship and Deep Space Nine and Next Generation uniforms for your crew.


The Star Trek Online Collector's Edition will be severely limited, so if you want it, I'd highly suggest preordering as soon as possible. GameStop has an exclusive in-game Constitution Class Starship waiting for those that do.

Star Trek Online Collector's Edition [GameStop via Big Download]

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I wonder how far publishers will go with their tiered product lines. "GOTY editions", bundles, "Collector's Editions", DLC... we're gonna start seeing games being sold like cars: you've got your basic model, but for a bit more you can get your fully kitted version with sunroof, leather and climate control. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but people's experiences will vary.