What's Hideo Kojima Doing on the New Z.O.E.? Not Enough.

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Late last week, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima revealed a new Zone of the Enders project. Fans of the sci-fi series have been waiting for Kojima to start work on a new Z.O.E. Thing is, he won't be doing much much work on it.


While he'll be acting as producer, Kojima won't be writing, designing, or directing the game. Instead, staff at Kojima Productions will be handling those duties.

Kojima will be offering his support. But as he is busy with his upcoming game, codenamed "Project Ogre", he cannot devote himself 110 percent to the new Z.O.E.

Hideo Kojima doesn't have to make Metal Gear Solid anymore, but he does have to make a new Zone of the Enders. Eventually.

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I'm okay with this. Kojima wasn't the driving force behind ZoE1 or ZoE2 either, though he did help with the development. Let him finish Project Ogre, that's all I care about right now.

I don't want Rising, I don't want MGS5, I want something new, exciting and DIFFERENT from Kojima. I'd like to hope you all do too.