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What Your Destiny 2 Faction Says About You

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week is Destiny 2’s first-ever Faction Rally, where players pledge to one of three factions in order to win guns and glory. But what are Destiny 2’s factions all about, and what does it mean to pledge to one ?

The Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy factions have been around since the first game, but it’s never actually been all that easy to tell them apart. If you take the time to read up on their backstory or watch some lore videos, however, you’ll learn that all three are pretty different.

Here’s what your Destiny 2 faction choice says about you.



The Lore-Related Reason: You feel that the Red Legion attack on the Last City only further reinforces Dead Orbit’s fundamental belief: that the City should be abandoned, and that we should set out to colonize the solar system and beyond. You have the heart of a voyager. You are the Moana of Destiny.

The Actual Reason: You kept seeing people talk about “space goths” on social media, and since Dead Orbit is the only Destiny faction with an actual discernible personality, you figured what the hell.


The REAL Actual Reason: You just want some of those black and white shaders, man.



The Lore-Related Reason: You pledge Future War Cult because you believe that the people of Earth should be prepared for a massive conflict. No matter how you may try to stop it, the Darkness is coming, and you must ceaselessly train in order to be prepared for the return of full-blown war.

The Actual Reason: Future War Cult clearly has the best guns. That auto rifle is pretty sick, and the hand cannon has some weird sort of delayed explosive rounds? Decent scout rifle, too.


The REAL Actual Reason: You just want some of those blue and orange shaders, man.



The Lore-Related Reason: You have long been suspicious of the governing Vanguard and feel that a stricter, more authoritarian government should be installed in its place. You wish to return the City and the rest of Earth to the way things were during the first Golden Age. You aggressively recruit young followers with catchphrases like “In pursuit of the City’s safety, our jurisdiction is unlimited,” and “A finger can be broken. A fist cannot.”

The Actual Reason: You hate your fellow Destiny players and want to stick them with a crappy sidearm instead of the scout rifle or pulse rifle they’d get if one of the other factions were to win.


The REAL Actual Reason: You just want some of those sweet red shaders, man.

Of course, you could just make three characters and pledge to all three factions, guaranteeing yourself the best chance at all the gear and shaders. But Destiny isn’t about making cold calculations to maximize your loot, it’s about meticulously role-playing a complex character with distinct worldviews. Right?