Apple's iPad will be capturing the imaginations of millions around the world this week. But when you consider what you're getting for your money, well, buying one may not seem like such a great idea.


We've taken what's shaping up as the most popular version of Apple's book-reading, web-browsing and game-playing device, broken down how much it costs, then shown you what else you could get for your $499.

If you're looking at it as a games machine, that iPad doesn't look like such a great idea now, does it? If you're just in the market for some moustache wax while browsing the app store, though, well, we're glad we could help.


Click the image above to embiggen it.

A quick note, the games for the four consoles listed (PS3 and 360 included) are just a rough guide. Yeah, you could get more for your $499, but I figured it's better to go conservative than start splitting hairs.

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