What Were The Top Ten Selling Games In March?

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March is over. It was a good month, but like we said, it's over. Let's take a look back at the top ten selling games in Japan.

Famitsu publisher Enterbrain has collected data for the period started February 23, 2009 and ended on March 29, 2009.

Here goes:

1. Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) PS3
Launch: 2/26/09
March Period Sales: 459,786 units
Life-To-Date Total: 459,786 units


2. Resident Evil 5 PS3
Launch: 3/5/09
March Period Sales: 428,545 units
Life-To-Date Total: 428,545 units

3. Shin Sangoku Musou MULTI RAID PSP
Launch: 2/26/09
March Period Sales: 355,784 units
Life-To-Date Total: 355,784 units

4. Mario & Luigi RPG3!!! DS
Launch: 2/11/09
March Period Sales: 189,227 units
Life-To-Date Total: 467,891 units

5. Super Robot Taisen K DS
Launch: 2/30/09
March Period Sales: 169,547 units
Life-To-Date: 169,547 units


6. Musou OROCHI Z PS3
Launch: 3/12/09
March Period Sales: 161,259 units
Life-To-Date: 161,259 units

7. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP the Best) PSP
Launch: 10/30/08
March Period Sales: 125,891 units
Life-To-Date: 555,422 units


8. 7th Dragon DS
Launch: 3/5/09
March Period Sales: 115,485 units
Life-To-Date: 115,485 units

9. Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360
Launch: 3/5/09
March Period Sales: 101,874 units
Life-To-Date: 101,874 units


10. Wii Fit
Launch: 12/1/07
March Period Sales: 89,807 units
Life-To-Date: 3,268,906 units

2009年3月期・月間ゲームソフト販売ランキング(集計期間:2009年2月23日~2009年3月29日) [Famitsu]

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Yakuza 3 really needs to be released in the west. With the right amount of marketing, it could actually become a viable franchise in the West. The game is already there, all there needs to be added is subtitles and adjusted menu's. People don't need English voices, as most of us would prefer to hear the Japanese Yakuza actually speaking Japanese.

3 months work tops, and they can sell an additional 200-400 thousand copies world wide