On the latest episode of our semi-regular Overwatch show, Let’s Break It Down, Cecilia, Heather, and I discuss the pros and cons of the Year Of The Rooster update. Pro: Roadhog’s new hook is actually kinda cool. Con: his new skin makes him look like a Texas chainsaw massacre. Also, capture the flag? Not super great.

In addition, we talk about why loot boxes are FESTERING GARBAGE, and then we head down Mild Contention Alley when we discuss the big D.Va nerf, which I personally don’t think is as terrible as everybody’s saying. So yeah, feel free to aim your mecha cannons at my face and flame away. Regrettably, we didn’t get around to composing any spicy Zenyatta fan fiction, but I mean, that would’ve been ridiculous. We’d clearly need to set aside an entire episode for that kind of thing.


What do you think of the new update? Are you enjoying the festivities?

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