What Was Your Worst Experience At A Video Game Store?

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Have you ever experienced a particularly pre-order-pushy sales associate at GameStop, a seriously unknowledgeable Best Buy employee or just a straight-up rude Walmart worker? I’d like to hear your stories.


Personally, I’ve managed to skirt any potential social mishaps while purchasing my video games and their accessories by putting all my trust in Amazon, and it’s so far served me well. Robots are far more straight forward and less annoying than humans, but I also don’t live in the future so what do I know.

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Go to gamestop to buy present for my nephew, Mario Kart DS. The manager is working the register, asks me if I want a new copy or a used copy. I ask him the price difference and it’s only like four dollars, so I decide for that little difference I may as well just get him a fresh copy.

I says “We just got a shipment today, I’ve got to go get it”. It’s videogames, I’m in no rush, so I wait. And wait.

He scampers back and forth to and from the back room. He apologizes, and after five to ten minutes I’m getting a little fed up, but when he walked by and said “Found the game, just have to go find the box for it” I was shocked. He was going to sell me a used game for five bucks more and tell me it was used?

They had sold me an open game (rayman origins) as a new one before, but I got it half off so I felt no need to be cranky about that one. But at a more expensive price? Nothankyou.