What Was The First Game You Finished?

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Inspired by a recent viral Tweet by Andy Bush, I want to know what games Kotaku readers finished first. Was it a massive RPG? A small platformer? An action game? A 90s era shooter?


The first game I ever beat was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie on the Sega Genesis. It was a beat’em up where you controlled the Power Rangers and fought waves of enemies. You also occasionally got to control their Zord, a giant mech. These segments were very annoying because only one player controlled the mech. So we would argue over who was better at fighting as the mech. It was usually me, I was older, but I honestly wasn’t that much better.

One day, I think it was later in the evening, we were sitting in the living room playing the game. Something clicked. The final fight was on the moon (because video games in the 90s were amazing) and I remember my heart racing as I fought the final boss alone as the giant robot. Then suddenly I won. My robot jumped off the Moon and some text flew by and the game was over.

It was odd. I remember at the time being excited, we had won and finished the game, but I also remember being sad. Wait, I thought, is that it? No more game to play? We ended up playing it again the next day, but I don’t remember beating it again and I’ll always remember that being the first game I ever completed.

What was the first game you ever finished?

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Mega Man 2. Prior to its release, my dad would help me play games—and we had some good times at that—but I was eight when I got MM2, and I was absolutely determined to beat it by myself.

...I was also lame enough to grab my dad’s camera to take photos of the ending sequence. In my defense, it wasn’t a Kodak, so the insta-print price insanity didn’t apply, but still, film wasn’t cheap back in the day—and I feel like a goober thinking about it.

Now, I can wall-to-wall that game in under thirty minutes without a single death.

...it is entirely possible I replay things that I’m good at over and over again because they ease the ache of getting my ass handed to me in games that I am -not- good at.