What Was Kotaku's 2012 Game of the Year? We'll Know... Soon

On Monday, January 7, you will know what Kotaku's 2012 Game of the Year is. But before then, you're going to see us try to figure it all out.

Starting today and running over the course of the next three days, nine Kotaku writers will publish a total of nine essays nominating their favorite game of the year. Any writers from the Kotaku staff as well as you, our readers, will be able to chime in below each post to hash things out. Keep an eye on the feedback from the staff because that will give you some hints to how we're leaning, whose minds are being changed and so on.


Over the weekend, the Kotaku team will be voting, weighing each staffer's top three picks and then announcing, on Monday, the Game of the Year.

Which games are even being nominated? You'll find out over the next three days. Three games a day. Warning: our nine games are an... odd bunch!

The writers of Kotaku are nominating nine games for 2012 Game of the Year. The nominations will be posted throughout the first week of January. The winner of our staff vote being announced on the Monday following and that game will be our 2012 GOTY, shifting 2011 GOTY Portal 2 a little further down our imaginary trophy shelf. Read all of our 2012 nominations, as they're posted.

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