What Today's Biggest Mobile Games Need Is Ugly '80s Box Art

Back in the '80s, hardcore gamers loved the sort of simplistic fare that mobile gamers thrive on today. So why can't the hardcore embrace popular mobile games? I'm guessing it's the lack of almost completely unrelated painted cover art.

Gaming humor palace Dorkly imagines a world where mobile games get the half-assed fantasy art they deserve. A world where Angry Birds can be appreciated the same way games like Amidar were in the past. A world where box art like this:


Can represent a game that looks like this:

And a crowd doesn't set the developers' houses on fire.

And so Dorkly gives Angry Birds its due...


...transforms Candy Crush Saga into a true fantasy epic...


...and gives Flappy Bird the context it needs to elevate it from curiosity to classic.


For more examples of the difference some creative packaging can make, check out the full gallery over at Dorkly.com.

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